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KALSA – HOUSE OF FAME at Radio Porto Montenegro

KALSA presents every 1st Friday of the month “HOUSE OF FAME”.

Something that one would not necessarily have expected in today’s music world is currently causing some excitement among radio fans: the release of a new radio in Montenegro. Careful attention has been paid in the design of its line-up not to create competition to other radio stations. In the first step, Lounge, Electronic, Chillout, Lo-Fi House, Deep-House, Tech-House, Disco & Funk and Off-Pop, will be played. KALSA is one of the new residents of the new format “House of Fame” on Radio Porto Montenegro.

KALSA, is an italian DJ based in Genoa. As a DJ, KALSA has developed a deep connection with a wide range of electronic sounds but from his first steps, at the beginning, he felt in love with house music and began to refine his skills before coming to the forefront when his sound had already begun to evolve towards more idiosyncratic rhythms, organic sounds and electronic musicality.

The versatile sets of KALSA combine his music vision with a constant exploration of sounds and are strongly influenced by his passion for music at 360 degrees, the love for the many faces of the electronic scene and his travels around the world and reflect his approach to life: passionate and spontaneous. In 2018 he joined the music project Free Soul music and since 2023 he is Resident at our Radio.

KALSA on Instagram / Facebook / Soundcloud

Hereby the next episodes of KALSA:
03. March 22:00 – 0:00
07. April 22:00 – 0:00
05. May 22:00 – 0:00
02. June 22:00 – 0:00
07. July 22:00 – 0:00
04. August 22:00 – 0:00
01. September 22:00 – 0:00
06. October 22:00 – 0:00
03. November 22:00 – 0:00
01. December 22:00 – 0:00

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