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Golden Gargoyle Music Award Winner “Bvoice” exclusive on Radio Porto Montenegro.

Vasily Bvoice is DJ, producer, promoter, and lecturer. Bvoice is also a developer of film soundtracks, music for softwares and applications. Moreover, Vasily is a music supervisor, and composer whose music is used in different BBDO commercials.

Bvoice has participated in the creation of the soundtrack of the Traktor DJ-software by the German developer company Native Instruments.

For a long time Vasily was a resident of the Deepmix Radio and RTS.FM online platforms. Bvoice is the composer of the generative application Mubert and the creator of the music startup Svoboda Zvuka.

Vasily Bvoice — speaker of the educational platform Skillbox; lecturer of Sound Art and Sound Design at the Higher School of Economics; the Umaker educational platform; curator at the Hip-Hop Academy; and the DOS music school. Vasily Bvoice is the winner of the Golden Gargoyle Music Award.

Bvoice has performed at the festivals Exit, Epizode, Outline, Kazantip, Gamma, GMID, Chill Out Planet and others. For a long time Vasily was a resident DJ and had a music studio in the Arma 17 club. During his international career Vasily played on many dancefloors from Asia to Latin America and released several dozen vinyls and a couple of dozen digital releases.

Vasily Bvoice was involved in special eco-projects with WWF and Greenpeace. Vasily Bvoice organized events in MMOMA museum in Moscow and large-scale parties in the clubs Gazgolder, Mutabor, Noor and many others.

A variety of artists are guests: Sven Väth, Ellen Allien, Mathew Jonson, Max Cooper, Dasha Rush, dOP, Egyptian Lover, Afrika Bambaataa, Mad Professor and others.

Bvoice host the new radio format “FUNKY BOOGIE GROOVES” with selected tracks and mixes.

from 18:00 – 19:00 (6pm-7pm)
Guest DJ’s …..surprise surprise 🙂

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