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Motherland by Steve Barakatt


World-renowned composer and pianist Steve Barakatt launched ‘Motherland’.

Watch the official Music Video here.

World-renowned composer and pianist Steve Barakatt is pleased to unveil Motherland, a musical homage to his Lebanese origins, accompanied by a music film.

Lebanon’s remarkable landscapes and amazing people—the Lebanese population at home and all around the world—have inspired the artist to create this composition, which evokes the unique spirit of Lebanon in a vibrant and uplifting fusion of Eastern and Western musical influences.

Released globally by Universal Music MENA, Motherland features performances by several renowned Lebanese musicians, including Rony Barrak (percussion), Wissam Abdelnour (oud) and Joseph Karam (nay). The recording also features the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by British conductor & orchestrator Nic Raine with recording by Grammy-winning engineer Jan Holzner.

“For me, Motherland has been a passion project like no other,” says Steve Barakatt. “The idea came to me two years ago, on the 100th anniversary of the creation of Greater Lebanon. As I began working on it, the initial idea of composing an anthem evolved into something much more personal and emotionally resonant. My Lebanese ancestors nourished my passion and love for life and music, and creating Motherland has been a deeply meaningful journey back to my roots. My heartfelt wish is that the music and its accompanying film bring love and hope not only to Lebanese people but to everyone who hears it.”

The Motherland music film highlights the unique joie de vivre and passionate hearts of the Lebanese people. Directed by Lebanese director Badry Moujais and featuring Lebanese actors Rhéa Mahfouz and Carl Yammine, it tells an inspiring story of a man in search of his roots, driven by love.

Many of the scenes were filmed at Domaine des Tourelles, Lebanon’s oldest wine company, which created the special cuvée Motherland, a unique wine and music collaboration that pays tribute to the 100th anniversary of Greater Lebanon.


Music: Steve Barakatt
Arrangements: Steve Barakatt
Orchestrations: Nic Raine
Original Publisher: Les Éditions Abaca-Plus Music under publishing agreement with Universal Music Publishing Group
Music Producer: Steve Barakatt for Rainbow Bridge Story Ltd under license with Universal Music MENA
Mastering Engineer: Bernie Grundman
Mixing Engineer: Steve Barakatt

Recording & Post-production Engineers:
Jan Holzner (Prague)
Steve Barakatt (Canada)
Theo Abdo (Lebanon)
Jad Kassatly (Lebanon)

Recording Studios:
Piano – Abaca Studios, Quebec City, Canada
Symphony Orchestra – Smecky Studio, Prague, Czech Republic
Lebanese Instruments – BoomBox Studios, Beirut, Lebanon

Mixing Studio: Abaca Studios, Quebec City, Canada
Mastering Studio: Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA, USA
Post-production Studio (Feast Remix): BoomBox Studios, Beirut, Lebanon

Piano: Steve Barakatt
Symphony Orchestra: The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Nic Raine
Nay: Joseph Karam
Oud: Wissam Abdelnour
Bass: François Moisan
Percussions: Rony Barrak

Music Contractors: James Fitzpatrick, Tadlow Music Ltd. Jad Kassatly, BoomBox Studios
Piano Technician: Marcel Lapointe
Post Production: Zaru Studios

Main Actors: Rhéa Mahfouz & Carl Yammine

Belly Dancer: Rita Sayyah
Fire Dancers: Zaffet Majd Lebnan
Dancer Headpiece by Sol

Director of Photography: Doze Ghamloch
Steadicam Operator: Marwan Boustany
Drone Operators: Imad Howayek, Kassem Anan
Still Photography: Mitri El Habre, Imad Howayek
Gaffer: Nawfal Jadoue
Focus Puller: Samer Sardouk
Assistant Camera: Mohamad Soboh
Lighting Assistants: Mostafa Hazime, Bilal Jeber, Hassan Chami, Amir Oleik
DIT: Elio Zeaiter
Playback Sound: Ali Serhan
Extras Casting: Star Agency Group by Alain Abboud
Saj Bread Baker: Sonya Khamis
Catering: Ali Sbeity, Amin Sbeity, Ibrahim Baddah, Wissam Tawil, Mohamad Nour
Runner: Fouad Hamwi
First Assistant director: Kinan Aakad
Production Manager: Samer Sweidan
Assistant Producers: Elige Mirza, Aya Cherri, Abbas Fakih, Mohammad Hamede, Anas Fashikh
Artistic Director: Paul Saliba – Paul de Sal
Assistant Art Director: Hasan Haman, Abed Aziz Haman, Mousana Al Wardi, Ahmad Husein
Stylist: Marianne Yazbek
Assistant Stylist: Nicoles Araman
Hairdressers: Rabih Gerges, Yola Raheb
Makeup: Marlene Sayegh, Laura Kamar

Carl Yammine and Steve Barakatt Wardrobe by Maison JE, Beirut, Lebanon

Rhea Mahfouz Wardrobe by La Bella, Gowno’clock

Casting: Georges Tabet

Filming Locations:
Domaine des Tourelles, Lebanon
Beirut, Solidaire, Lebanon
Maison JE Boutique, Lebanon
Saint Nicolas Stairs, Lebanon

Created and Produced by Badry Moujais

Executive Producer: Steve Barakatt

Source: Steve Barakatt / YouTube

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